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Scope of Services International

We think and act in 360° and create unrivaled brand experiences for customer experiences and far beyond.


  • Site and Concept Development

    • Self-selected Concepts

    • Concepts by Client Request

  • Consulting and Site Analysis by EFR Method

  • Financial and Business Planning/ Consulting

  • Pre-marketing and Acquisition of Business Partners

  • Brand Consulting, Content Development and Creation

  • Design and Executive Planning

  • Selection and Supervision of Hardware and Software Solution Partners

  • Supervision of Fabrication and Quality Assureance

  • Supervision of Solution Integration

  • Marketing,Public Relations and Promotion of Site and Experience Network

  • Performance- and Process - Management

The role and definite scope of our services depend on each and different business  model  on  which  the  project  Intention  relates  and  moreover  fits  utmost specific to our and our customers needs.

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